Exopackaging provides custom PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) bottles and plastic containers. We are PET bottle manufacturers based in Ahmedabad in India. We maintain high standards of quality and we are ready to adapt with the changing market as per the requirement.

What we do:

We offer an integrated solution for packaging. We firstly interpret the requirement of the client and then guide them through the whole process from design concept to real sustainable product in market.
We carry out in a multidisciplinary logic where designers, engineers and researchers collectively contribute to obtain the best product possible.

Our Philosophy:


We constantly are in interaction with our clients to understand their need and to know their requirements in a better way.


Designing is very important and it only comes through creativity and with the know-how of the forming the end product. Here we analyse and allow everyone to use ones creativity for a better approach.


It is really important to make a new design and start from scratch to understand the small things where we can achieve big outputs with just a small change.From Design to Packaging In a single solution