Product Features

Uniform Wall Thickness and excellent Surface Finish
Low AA Levels, as per prescribed Global Standards
Accurate Thread Finish, for better Closure Fitting
No Split Lines on Preforms for Better Finish on Bottles
Preforms manufactured by us are approved by BERICAP India Pvt. Ltd.
Preforms are specially manufactured for Edible oil grade PET Material.


Produced on




Neck Finishes

CTC (29/21 mm)

Weight – 23.5 Grams/15 Grams
Neck Size – 29/21 mm

What is a Preform?

Preform is to form or shape a product to a preliminary shape and size. In easy words for PET Preforms the PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) material is formed to a shape which is like moulded to a specific shape which is then afterwards blown to a bottle in the blowing machine.

There is one characteristic of PET preform, which is the product that made from it will be clear and transparent. The surface is smooth and sparking, which can attract the buyer´s attention. This makes the PET preform a delicate product. On the other hand, although the PET preform can create a similar sensation just like glass. It’s not fragile as glass. The wall is strong and tough, which appears on the container.

Why Choose Our Preforms?

Preforms play a very vital role in deciding the strength of the PET Bottle. There are various methods to form a Preform and there are many factors which affect it.



Preform Type Preform Weight( Grams) Suggested Application
CTC- 28mm 15.5 500ml RTD/Oil/CSD
CTC – 28mm 23.5 1000ml RTD/Oil/CSD


We at ExoPackaging are taking account of all the factors which are a big problem in blowing stage later on. All the Preforms are engineered to perfection and no compromise has been done on the quality of the PET Preform.

Preforms revolutionize PET manufacturing process and bring considerable benefit in cost, impact to the environment and operational efficiency and flexibility. ExoPackaging is a leading designer and manufacturer for renowned brands of India and abroad. We have expertise of creating preforms and blowing to make it a finished product. Since we are also manufacturer of outstanding quality bottles, it is possible for us to offer technical collaboration and consultancy. It can be done on a contractual basis or one-time hiring basis.

PET or PolyEthylene Terephthalate is a great material for producing pure, healthy and food grade containers. Sparkling bottles with almost glass like finish can be produced using it. It complies with most of the food materials and do not affect the physical appearance, taste or odor. It is unbreakable, tough and incredibly convenient for production and storage. Due to high sustaining capability, it is ideal for storing carbonated products. It has quite low permeability to gases and humidity increasing shelf-life of products. Due to high-chemical resistance it is a good package material for harsh chemicals and acid. Lightweight, high-strength and leak-proof PET bottles and containers offer an ideal substitute for glass. It is possible to mold containers of any shape, design, and color and neck size. High recyclability and reusability ensure less environmental impact. It gets decomposed into carbon-dioxide and water and no chemical residuals are produced.

Two ways of manufacturing preforms are popular:

1. One-step method: In this method, the entire process is done in a single integrated machine. Injection molded preform is taken out from the cavity when it is still hot. Since preforms are immediately taken for blowing, there is no risk of surface damage during transportation and storage.  Also, there is a significant cost-saving because no re-heating is required. The overall process efficiency achieves less harm to the environment. Especially, for small and medium production lines it is an ideal method. Temperature remains constantly high in this process keeping the material is in an elastic form. Though, high energy consumption is needed to keep it high, there is a significant saving because material has to be heated only once.

2. Two-step method: This process involves two stages, injection stretch blow molding and reheat blow molding. First the preforms are manufactured using injection blowing method. They are stored for later use or sent to packing division for dispatch. Reheat blow molding machines take the preforms and blow the bottles of desired shape. Of course, this method is less efficient as compared to other. Nevertheless, there are advantages of it. Firstly, it helps in planning the operations better. Secondly, this method ensures excellent neck finish and economical use of resins. This method is not energy efficient, but there is significant cost saving because of automation of the process.  Medium and large production houses prefer this method because it eliminates the need of manual supervision.

PET preforms are manufactured through the process of molding. Molds of appropriate size and shape are selected and fused PET is injected into it. Blowing process is used to give it the shape of a preform which can be later blown further to make desired shape of containers for beverages, detergents, oil, and thousands of other products. The finish or bottleneck which is the base for manufacturing preform doesn’t change when it is blown in the shape of a bottle. Hence, the thread type and diameters of the ‘finish’ are checked carefully by quality control department of ExoPackaging.

Tubular structures of molds decide the gauge and weight of bottles. Diameter, shape and length are decided according to the consignment specifications. Preforms are transparent in the basic form, but coloring agents can be added to produce different shades of bottles as per order. We take care of highest standards of quality to store and transport preforms.

Drying Process

PET has moisture absorption quality that is not good from the point of view of transparency and finishing of the product. As per industry standards, permissible water percentage should not go beyond 0.005%. Hence, excess water content has to be dehumidified and dried before molding. Two methods are used for drying process:

1. Oven drying: Oven drying is not very popular today. There is no direct connection between injection chamber and oven. Dried PET has to be shifted manually from oven to subsequent processes.

2. Hopper drying: Due to autoloader, it is automated and continuous process with high efficiency.

3. Dehumidifier drying: Dehumidifier is the most efficient among all methods. The temperature of -32 degree Celsius is maintained in it causing a significant increase in durability and finishing of preforms.

PET Preform Injection Molding Process

Injection molding process is one of the popular processes for manufacturing bulk quantities of preforms. It consists of three major steps:

1. Drying: Hopper drying is the most commonly used method of removing humidity from PET. Hopper dryers have autoloaders where PET is conveyed continuously for an even drying. Dehumidifier method uses a closed loop system and brings excellent surface finish and physical properties. It uses a closed loop system to achieve drying of PET in an unvarying way.

2. Melting: When the screw is pushed forward, injection cavity gets filled up completely with molten plastic. There is a temperature difference of around 8 to 10 degree celsius at the front and rear end of injection molding machine. They are typically 270 to 275 degrees and 280 to 285 degrees respectively. Temperature may vary based on the design of the mold and other technical specifications. Molten PET gets entered through the cavities and cooled slowly to solidify it.

3. Cooling and molding: Temperature is maintained in such a way that PET gets solidify in a consistent manner. Cooling water is used to bring down the temperature of the mold. Since the temperature is quite low (around 15 to 20 degree Celsius), internal pressure has to be maintained properly to avoid breakage or deformities. A water chiller is used for cooling preforms under controlled pressure of 5Bar. An automated gripper takes out cooled preforms and deposit to conveyer belts. Preforms get ejected from the mold and send to either packaging or re-heating if they have to be sent for blowing process immediately.